The real blogga momma

That is James my son who loves to clean while wearing daddy’s shoes just about every day. Anyway, I’m the type of mom who scrapes pennies together to pay for things, dollar store and dumpster diving( which I will explain in my next blog) DIY is probably the best thing I’ve ever found out about and create myself which is so interesting and EASY I want to share it with the bloggers out there! I’m a mother of one but it feels like I have four children because my son is all over the place and full of life that I can’t even keep up! So I give tons of credit to mother everywhere, single mothers, or mothers like me who sometimes it’s hard to even get through the day. Anyway, back to why I started this blog, for the past couple of months I’ve found different ways to do certain things that are so much easier I want to share! And when I say things I mean, DIY crafts, home decor, recipes, food shopping, and where are the best places to dumpster dive, and most of all I know all about the struggle with money ! But hey, it doesn’t get me down (most of the time) I do want to tell you the reader all the inexpensive and FREE ways to do anything and everything.

Oh and by the way this is my other child wearing his leg warmers, Benjamin… Benji for short.

Its been a while…

Hello again. I am so happy to be back on my blog writing again. I do want to apologize for not being on in so long. My life has been literally flipped upside down.

I am not trying to start this new blog as kind of a depressing read; I would just like to express the truth. I absolutely love the truth. I mean not always because the truth does hurt a lot sometimes. But this is my truth as you read this try not to judge. I know it’s hard especially because I am a mother but there are other women or even men who can relate to this post.

About a month ago I was planning to kill myself. I was thinking hmm maybe hanging myself with a rope would be a good idea, but then I didn’t want anyone to come home and find me hanging from a tree especially my son. So I decided against it. I was a complete mess, I’ll back up and say quickly that I thought my life was over because the day before wanting to kill myself I have gotten arrested TWICE in one day. The first time for stealing and the second for driving with a suspended license and I had a warrant out. So I basically thought my life was over. I thought I was going to jail and the whole bit. Long story short, my mother ended up ringing the police station and told them what I have said about killing myself. Maybe she overheard me because I was literally crazy at this point. By the way my son was in school while this was going on. Anyway the police man asked me if I had said that I want to hurt myself.  I told him yes. Within 5 minutes I was on a stretcher on my way to the hospital.

In the hospital they found coke and marijuana in my system. I have a problem with drugs. I am an addict. I stole for money for drugs. It’s funny because looking at me and my son and my family. You would never ever think I would be doing such terrible things like using drugs and sneaking around and stealing. Literally I stole everything. That also ended up becoming an addiction.

After being in the hospital for a few hours and answering the same questions over and over. I was finally able to go to a treatment center. I got the help I needed and stayed there for about five days. I was diagnosed with major depression, generalized anxiety, ADD and ADHD. I got on the right medicine and I was out and within the next week I joined a program called the center where it’s partial care. I go 5 days a week 8 hours a day. It’s very intensive care and I feel like I’m doing amazing and learning how to cope with feelings and not just reacting to my feelings but actually taking a step back and really flipping my negative thoughts into positive ones. And most importantly learning to have gratitude. Being grateful is the number one thing in life that nobody could ever take from you. When your great full you can’t be mad. It’s actully scientifically proven that you cannot be mad and great full at the same time. It’s impossible! I think that is truest amazing.

So now I am still attending the center and I feel like I am doing very well there. I have found people who are incredibly encouraging and people I can look up to.

Thank you for not judging someone who made a big mistake. But is trying to turn her life around for the good.

There’s always light up ahead

I took this picture thinking about our long roads we take in life. Each path has there own special moments and pain and joy and suffering. No matter what gender or color. We’re all Just people trying to get by and also trying to be happy. Trying to find that one thing that makes you happy or even that one person. That’s all well and good but if your not happy with yourself first you should stop looking so hard for that thing out there are start making happiness for yourself! I’m not trying to be syndicall because there are people and things that can make you feel better then you’ve ever felt! But they could also hurt you, maybe on purpose or maybe not. And when they do hurt you because nobody’s perfect and people will.

Mom stress and how about to cope

During the weekend I’m sure they There’s piles and piles of laundry to do, a sink full of dishes, work, and you kids constantly either calling you “mommy mommy mommy”‘ or crying and you easily feel like giving up or giving in.

I can relate to this so much…. this is pretty much my life. During the week I Drop the kids off at pre school then I race to work while the coffee I brought spills all over me, tons of traffic and your phone won’t stop ringing, and of course your two minutes like for work.

Can I ever get a break?!

Here are some ways to try and relax instead of screaming at your husband or kids and taking out your stress on others. I’m going to list each coping skills. Most of this list usually works for me, if this doesn’t try to get something out of it.

  • Have your significant other watch your kids do you can get out of the house and either go for a drive or go to a store and relax a little for an hour or so
  • Go in a different room, shut the door and pray, meditate, read, and the biggest one for me is writing In my journal. When I’m mad or stressed out that I’m getting angry I just wright exactly how I’m feeling. I don’t care how stupid it sounds on paper, or how terrible your writing is because your writing so fast because your angry, just keep writing even when you wanna stop. Eventually, you’ll feel a little lighter and calmer and then you actually admitted exactly how you felt which is always good to do. Get your feelings out there.

  • Leave the room or house. When your so stressed you feeling you blood boiling and your about to crack just go outside and start walking. And breathing. It doesn’t matter what degree it is outside. Fresh air is so good for you, it helps your immune system fight off diseases it also clears lungs and clears the head. Let go off why you were so angry before and just look around and try and notice things that you haven’t noticed before, when you do that it takes your mind off the negative and appreciate Mother Nature.

  • HAVE A GLASS OF WINE lol. Leave the dishes, leave the dirty house sit down put on Ellen and pour yourself a glass of red wine. Have your hubby or boyfriend or mother take your kids for an hour or two and don’t do one thing! Put your feet up and get in your sweats, watch an episode of Ellen, read a magazine or even a book you wanna catch up on. But this coping situation is not to promote drinking. One glass of red wine a night is good for your blood cells. All I’m saying is take this alone time and don’t do a single thing except RELAX. It might be hard at first because your so use to moving. Just try not to. I’m sure your tired so sit there for a few minutes and do deep breathing and even try to fall asleep. Take this time alone at your home by yourself because you need this. And btw to those moms out there who don’t have anyone to watch your kids then put them in a different room and put a movie on for them with some popcorn. I know this is something called a “bad mom” but it’s just a fake lie us moms believe when really it’s just a pretend guilt trip. Anyway this coping skill is doing nothing except wine and a comedy show or the food network. Anything that’s not negative and will bring you down.

Love ya momma


DIY lip scrub

I use this miracle homemade lip stuff every night and morning before I start my day. I usually keep it on between 2-3 minutes then rise. This lip scrub will take all the dead skin off and including make your lips very soft and kissable 😏💓💓.



2 tablespoons honey

21/2 tablespoons granulated sugar

2 table spoons coconut oil

Mix all ingredients together using a spoon, after the mix is done, store it in a little old chap stick jar or a Vaseline jar!!

There you have it!!!

Five bellow dumpster diving.. you’ll never believe what you find

I have been dumpster diving for over 2 years now, and I’ve got to say about 40% of the things in my house were found in a dumpster. This is actually a HUGE secret that I am telling you because I’m telling ya, NOBODY knows about this lol. Seriously.

Dumpster diving is kinda hard to do at first but then you become pretty good at it and it turns you into a pro. I never had upper body strength until I started dumpster diving, sometimes you have to place your hands on the sharp edge of the dumpster then try to pull yourself inside , you take your leg and pull it onto the sharp edge of the dumpster and your sort of hanging sideways or long ways trying to roll yourself in because right now it’s hurting but you eventually get in and then same way out. But believe me it’s worth it.

These are the actual dumpster I dive into.

Anyway you end up finding an easier way in and it doesn’t hurt so bad anymore. But you still gotta jump into the dumpster and you have to be THROUGH! Really look good!

Top best dd stores


Five below

Christmas tree store

Bed bath and beyond


Bath and body works

K mart



Pier 1

Now these are the stores I find the best stuff in. Now ever time but I would say deff say I find something good when I go. Honestly sometimes I don’t and the dumpster is empty and your disappointed but you have to try the next day. The best days are usually two days after the garbage man takes it all away.

For example, today five below was my jack pot. I found amazing things for my nieces who are between the ages of 2-6 lol. There a piece of work but there hysterical and so happy

So here’s what I found

This was just a random Thursday and I telling you the dumpster was FILLED to the brim!

They had boxes on boxes on boxes filled with clothes toys nail polish makeup blankets pillows puzzles lotion scarves and so on….

Oh this IS legal by the way!

It’s only illegal when there is a fence or gate around the dumpster

I will be adding to the dive more as I try and go every day so I can figure out the best days to go!

Keep on Savin that money and do it the inexpensive way by diy

Regards to all you beautiful people out there,


Good will find and how much $ I paid!

I love the good will store ! I’ve found things from Victoria secrets like the pink sweatshirts in here with the tags still on it! The furniture I saw one time, this one huge beautiful dresser was being sold for only $12 ….. WHAT?!

Most of all the reason I love this store is because it’s all for people who can’t afford to go to the mall and buy a shirt for $49 bucks. I think it’s ridiculous unless it’s for a special occasion or something important. But to buy those expensive clothes on the regular some people aren’t able to do that so they made a store like good will with such low prices for really nice things and so lower income families can still actually get things.

This could be such a pretty flower vase to put in your home or bedroom or even kitchen. It was only $1!

I ended up buying a Victoria secretes yellow hoodless sweatshirt for 2.99 and a long shall sweater for 3.99! Both of those in stores would have been atleast 49.50$.

Cheers to saving money!!

Old candles turned into new

I’m gonna be honest…this blog is going to be short, sweet and to the point

I have about a thousand old candles where there is still some old candle was inside. So I learned you can boil your old candles, wait until the candle wax is not hard anymore and is pourable.

You also need a candle wax strip and you would super glue or hot glue the end metal part of the candle wax strip and put it directicly onto the middle of the new jar you will be pout the melted wax into.

After you pour the hot melted wax into the new jar with the was strip inside make sure the the wax strip in directly in the middle. While it’s drying you can wrap a pen or anything long and thin around the wick

After the candle is hard cut of the access wick and there you have it! So easy and cute

T-Shirt into a tote bag

I wanted to make a simple tote cute bag, so I decided to see if I can make it out of a plain white T shirt. It can be used as s purse, tote, or even a stay over bag. I already put some of my stuff in it because I love it so much ! So here it goes :

What you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Old t shirt (doesn’t have to be white
  • Tye dye (optional)
  • (Stencils)
  • Fabric marker

I decided to just go with the fabric marker and stencils,

After your done with any kind of decor you want to put on the t shirt, turn it inside out and cut off the bottom hem.

Next, fold the shirt in half and cut off the neck hem and the sleeves.

Now, gather the bottom of the t shirt and take the bottom of the t shirt hem that you cut off and tie it around the bottom of the t shirt very tightly. Double knot it and wrap it around a few times Now your almost done! Just turn the shirt back right side in and wallaa ! There’s your new tote purse ! Beautiful #diy #tshirt #purse

Replace shower curtain hooks with ribbon!

Wanna make your bathroom seem more elegant, beautiful, and different ? Take out those ugly hooks and replace them with a pretty sick ribbon that goes with your shower curtain.

you can use any kind of ribbon as well. I had this cream color lace ribbon left over. I got it at the dollar store of course. They have color after color. If I had to choose the bobbin I would have went with a silky navy blue. But it still looks very nice and elegant.

#ribbon #dollarstore #showercurtain

DIY dollar store valentines crafts

Okay, every time I walk into a dollar store it takes my breath away. I love every single thing they sell, because you can literally almost find ANYTHING your looking for in that store,

Including my favorite

Crafts. 💕 and of course that means Valentine’s Day is coming up so we have to start the decoration in the home for every one like me likes to make our home , hommy.

Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day adorable crafts

What you will need

  • Ceramic plate and bowl from dollar store
  • Dollar store super glue
  • 2 Dollar store candle holders
  • Candies from DS

  • Ribbon from DS

And do the same to the top; glue the second candle stick to the middle of the plate, mark it if you have to. Apple the super glue to the part of the candle stick that’s going to be the bottom, with a good amount of super glue- not too much.

Let dry for 2-3 hours. Do not touch while glue is drying

Tie ribbons and add heart candy into the bowl and on the plate. Can be used as a center piece for a Valentine’s Day diner or something you can use for even chips and dip!