DIY dollar store valentines crafts

Okay, every time I walk into a dollar store it takes my breath away. I love every single thing they sell, because you can literally almost find ANYTHING your looking for in that store,

Including my favorite

Crafts. 💕 and of course that means Valentine’s Day is coming up so we have to start the decoration in the home for every one like me likes to make our home , hommy.

Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day adorable crafts

What you will need

  • Ceramic plate and bowl from dollar store
  • Dollar store super glue
  • 2 Dollar store candle holders
  • Candies from DS

  • Ribbon from DS

And do the same to the top; glue the second candle stick to the middle of the plate, mark it if you have to. Apple the super glue to the part of the candle stick that’s going to be the bottom, with a good amount of super glue- not too much.

Let dry for 2-3 hours. Do not touch while glue is drying

Tie ribbons and add heart candy into the bowl and on the plate. Can be used as a center piece for a Valentine’s Day diner or something you can use for even chips and dip!


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