Five bellow dumpster diving.. you’ll never believe what you find

I have been dumpster diving for over 2 years now, and I’ve got to say about 40% of the things in my house were found in a dumpster. This is actually a HUGE secret that I am telling you because I’m telling ya, NOBODY knows about this lol. Seriously.

Dumpster diving is kinda hard to do at first but then you become pretty good at it and it turns you into a pro. I never had upper body strength until I started dumpster diving, sometimes you have to place your hands on the sharp edge of the dumpster then try to pull yourself inside , you take your leg and pull it onto the sharp edge of the dumpster and your sort of hanging sideways or long ways trying to roll yourself in because right now it’s hurting but you eventually get in and then same way out. But believe me it’s worth it.

These are the actual dumpster I dive into.

Anyway you end up finding an easier way in and it doesn’t hurt so bad anymore. But you still gotta jump into the dumpster and you have to be THROUGH! Really look good!

Top best dd stores


Five below

Christmas tree store

Bed bath and beyond


Bath and body works

K mart



Pier 1

Now these are the stores I find the best stuff in. Now ever time but I would say deff say I find something good when I go. Honestly sometimes I don’t and the dumpster is empty and your disappointed but you have to try the next day. The best days are usually two days after the garbage man takes it all away.

For example, today five below was my jack pot. I found amazing things for my nieces who are between the ages of 2-6 lol. There a piece of work but there hysterical and so happy

So here’s what I found

This was just a random Thursday and I telling you the dumpster was FILLED to the brim!

They had boxes on boxes on boxes filled with clothes toys nail polish makeup blankets pillows puzzles lotion scarves and so on….

Oh this IS legal by the way!

It’s only illegal when there is a fence or gate around the dumpster

I will be adding to the dive more as I try and go every day so I can figure out the best days to go!

Keep on Savin that money and do it the inexpensive way by diy

Regards to all you beautiful people out there,


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