Good will find and how much $ I paid!

I love the good will store ! I’ve found things from Victoria secrets like the pink sweatshirts in here with the tags still on it! The furniture I saw one time, this one huge beautiful dresser was being sold for only $12 ….. WHAT?!

Most of all the reason I love this store is because it’s all for people who can’t afford to go to the mall and buy a shirt for $49 bucks. I think it’s ridiculous unless it’s for a special occasion or something important. But to buy those expensive clothes on the regular some people aren’t able to do that so they made a store like good will with such low prices for really nice things and so lower income families can still actually get things.

This could be such a pretty flower vase to put in your home or bedroom or even kitchen. It was only $1!

I ended up buying a Victoria secretes yellow hoodless sweatshirt for 2.99 and a long shall sweater for 3.99! Both of those in stores would have been atleast 49.50$.

Cheers to saving money!!

Posted in: DIY

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