Old candles turned into new

I’m gonna be honest…this blog is going to be short, sweet and to the point

I have about a thousand old candles where there is still some old candle was inside. So I learned you can boil your old candles, wait until the candle wax is not hard anymore and is pourable.

You also need a candle wax strip and you would super glue or hot glue the end metal part of the candle wax strip and put it directicly onto the middle of the new jar you will be pout the melted wax into.

After you pour the hot melted wax into the new jar with the was strip inside make sure the the wax strip in directly in the middle. While it’s drying you can wrap a pen or anything long and thin around the wick

After the candle is hard cut of the access wick and there you have it! So easy and cute

Posted in: DIY

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