Mom stress and how about to cope

During the weekend I’m sure they There’s piles and piles of laundry to do, a sink full of dishes, work, and you kids constantly either calling you “mommy mommy mommy”‘ or crying and you easily feel like giving up or giving in.

I can relate to this so much…. this is pretty much my life. During the week I Drop the kids off at pre school then I race to work while the coffee I brought spills all over me, tons of traffic and your phone won’t stop ringing, and of course your two minutes like for work.

Can I ever get a break?!

Here are some ways to try and relax instead of screaming at your husband or kids and taking out your stress on others. I’m going to list each coping skills. Most of this list usually works for me, if this doesn’t try to get something out of it.

  • Have your significant other watch your kids do you can get out of the house and either go for a drive or go to a store and relax a little for an hour or so
  • Go in a different room, shut the door and pray, meditate, read, and the biggest one for me is writing In my journal. When I’m mad or stressed out that I’m getting angry I just wright exactly how I’m feeling. I don’t care how stupid it sounds on paper, or how terrible your writing is because your writing so fast because your angry, just keep writing even when you wanna stop. Eventually, you’ll feel a little lighter and calmer and then you actually admitted exactly how you felt which is always good to do. Get your feelings out there.

  • Leave the room or house. When your so stressed you feeling you blood boiling and your about to crack just go outside and start walking. And breathing. It doesn’t matter what degree it is outside. Fresh air is so good for you, it helps your immune system fight off diseases it also clears lungs and clears the head. Let go off why you were so angry before and just look around and try and notice things that you haven’t noticed before, when you do that it takes your mind off the negative and appreciate Mother Nature.

  • HAVE A GLASS OF WINE lol. Leave the dishes, leave the dirty house sit down put on Ellen and pour yourself a glass of red wine. Have your hubby or boyfriend or mother take your kids for an hour or two and don’t do one thing! Put your feet up and get in your sweats, watch an episode of Ellen, read a magazine or even a book you wanna catch up on. But this coping situation is not to promote drinking. One glass of red wine a night is good for your blood cells. All I’m saying is take this alone time and don’t do a single thing except RELAX. It might be hard at first because your so use to moving. Just try not to. I’m sure your tired so sit there for a few minutes and do deep breathing and even try to fall asleep. Take this time alone at your home by yourself because you need this. And btw to those moms out there who don’t have anyone to watch your kids then put them in a different room and put a movie on for them with some popcorn. I know this is something called a “bad mom” but it’s just a fake lie us moms believe when really it’s just a pretend guilt trip. Anyway this coping skill is doing nothing except wine and a comedy show or the food network. Anything that’s not negative and will bring you down.

Love ya momma


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